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You have worked tirelessly to lay down the format for your blog correctly. You have gathered all your information from the right sources, you have written, checked for errors, and made your blog or article in a way that it offers the best value. After you have read and reread and certified that it had been written to the best standard, you decide to post it. And then just when you are excited about your new post, you wait to get the same reaction from readers, but what do you get? An unsatisfactory result or a discouragement from what you had expected.

That perfect piece of blog post or article you were so sure was one of the best things you have ever written is now there for you alone to read. With no comments, no engagement, it goes further below your posts and rests with other old articles you have published. If you want more traffic on your blog post, you may want to make an SEO strategy for getting higher ranks in the search results. In case you are unable to shape and execute a perfect SEO plan, you can take the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale SEO firm in Florida.

We are sure you are here trying to help yourself out of this situation because that might be your present ordeal. Read on to find out more about republishing content and saving your content from being wasted.

What is republishing content?

In simple terms, republishing content is a very brilliant way of making the most out of the content you have once published. It is straightforward, you take a piece of old article you have written, spice it up, and post it again as a new blog. And for this to happen, you have one thing to do.

One way to help yourself is by republishing on another website. One of the most exciting things about republishing is how you can take old content and recreate them to have more juice and updated information in some instances.

There is a difference between republishing and duplicating your content

Republishing your content is just as we have described above, but when it comes to duplicating your content, now that is messier. Duplicating means, you take that same old content you have written and posted it again, no tweaking, and no spicing. Much worse when you take the same material and paste it in different sites to gain an online presence.

This process is messy because Google can penalize the sites for the duplication, and can also rid your content of any SEO goodies you must have put on your posts. There is a very thin line between duplication and republishing, and that is why it is often confusing, but we hope this information clears things out. If you are intent on duplicating your work to reach people you may not have been able to when you first published, you might want to go about it from a different angle, e.g. starting a podcast to talk about these topics. There are a variety of ways you can begin a podcast with multiple channels of help, like this business and others similar to it, you just need to know where to look and have a plan in place.

How to republish on other sites

Follow this process through to learn how to post your republished content.

  • First, make sure you work with a publication that allows republishing

Before just venturing into any company to write or create content for them, make sure you find out whether or not they allow republishing. You can find a good list of high-authority blogs that will enable republishing.

  • Get them original content

The first smart thing you should do as a writer is to ensure you treat your editors or publishers to fresh content, no republishing at first. Get involved in showing that you have great talent as a writer, and keep making excellent content. This way, you win the way to the heart of your publisher.

As you build your relationship with them, and prove yourself to be great at what you do you can then begin to suggest republishing. Your publisher will buy the idea naturally, and not see you as a lazy person.

  • Spice things up again

Spicing up your content is very important and you need to pay great attention to this. You have to make sure you make sensible edits and update the content to be current with the trend of the republication date. Merely reposting what you have written before makes it duplicating and you will be penalized for it.

  • Tweak the title and headline

Tweaking the title and headline will help bring a different look and feel to your old publication. Instead of it seeming like the same old content, these changes will make the post seem a tad different from the original content you had written. This could also help you get more views as catchy headlines are one way to attract more people to your content and blog. Having said that, if you’re thinking of increasing your website traffic, a Digital marketing agency Bath or elsewhere might be able to help you plan the marketing strategies that could provide you with streamlined data regarding page views.

  • Inform your publisher about using a conical tag

A conical tag is a mark-up used to direct back to your original URL from the other website, and it informs the search engine that the new post is a modified version of your initial blog post. It is an HTML mark-up created by Google to make sure your site doesn’t get flagged for duplication. Most high-authority sites include the conical tag, while for other sites, you should ask.

Now that you have learned the difference between the two, you should start making the most of those old content lying in the archives of your websites. Instead of going through the stress of launching new content, you can republish.

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