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Augmented Reality – The Most Happening Revolution In UX

augment reality

What is an augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is the ability to view the actual physical world reality elements where the inputs to the technology are computer-generated input data, which might be in the form of audio/video, graphics/GPS overlays, and much more. The world’s first augmented reality conception happened in a novel by Frank L Baum written in 1901 actually called a “character marker”.

How things got better?

Augmented reality is actually a concept that had brought the ideas from science fiction to a world with science-based reality. In the initial stages, Augmented Reality is seemed to be a high-cost technology that is available only for exclusive high-budget equipment. But as time rolls on, the designers have now got a chance to work over their dream concept at much more economically reliable rates. This can even involve exciting experiences such as virtual training rooms and virtual offices being possibly integrated into businesses. Things have become better than augmented reality has become available in android mobile phones with average configuration. These improvements in the availability of Augmented Reality had gradually increased the implementation of Augmented Reality to derive various shapes and sizes by UX designers.

There are numerous unspoken advantages to using VR technology to train employees. Companies benefit from VR or AI training because it allows their employees to practice critical job skills in a realistic environment. Also, virtual reality leadership training could be an effective replacement for instructor-led and on-the-job training because may reduce training time while maintaining effectiveness and engagement. It can provide candidates and new hires with a realistic job preview, lowering the likelihood of turnover and increasing retention rates. They are exposed to the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of their future work through the headset. There are no surprises when they arrive on the first day of work; they are mentally and physically prepared. This is why it has the potential to be the next big thing in the corporate world.

Who are UX Designers?

The UX designers are the people who generally have the aspiration to bring out something innovative in the normal progress of life to make life easier and interesting too. The term UX refers to User Experience. These UX designers are implementing the Augmented Reality aspects in the gaming industry by bringing out the possibilities of more lively graphics that will drive away from the gamers’ minds and thus bring out successful products from the Gaming creators.

Benefits of AR for UX:

Augmented Reality had enormous benefits with respect to the UX designers and those benefits could be listed so that the world would be aware of how much the Augmented Reality concept has changed the world and brought imaginary aspects into the world of reality projected in a multi-dimensional manner and thus improvised the standard of Games by showing more realistic things that the gamers dreamed about in the past.

The user experience is the most important factor that needs improvisations every day.

Apart from the game, UX is required in many other entertainment-oriented concepts. There is one more major applying area of this Augmented Reality technique is the ability to view remote areas or inaccessible areas that are actually dreamy destinations for people. For instance, using Augmented Reality technology, we could get the realistic feel of roaming around the Himalayas but you’re actually standing in Chennai. Multidimensional movies will amuse you when the characters on the screen seem to be nearer to us. The benefits of Augmented Reality in the user experience industry will have fruitful applications for public usage.

Have you heard about the Pokémon Go game which is the clearly visible implementation of the Augmented Reality concept? This Pokémon Go earns about 10 Million USD for the creator every day. While you can still play the older versions of Pokemon by downloading them online, like this Pokemon Fire Red ROM Download for GBA for instance, they don’t have the same immersive experience without the Augmented Reality technology this latest version uses. There are many other amazing implementations of Augmented Reality that are intended to provide User Experience (UX).


Future Scope of Augmented Reality in improvising UX:

In the near future, Augmented Reality has plenty of scope in the improvisation of technology support in UX to assist humans such that their manual effort is drastically reduced and also could increase the efficiency in work related to examining deeply. For instance, the medical field will have a higher scope of implementation in improving the methods of examination of human systems deeply in case studies, and virtual training sessions to demonstrate the in-depth determination of each and every human system.

In space studies, this Augmented Reality could help in space research by virtually visiting space away from the earth. Augmented Reality could be used in the fields of the cinema industry to provide the audience with an eye-catching and mind-blowing multi-dimensional experience and also could make the audience feel the real experience to enjoy the scenes in the movie as if they are in that location. For instance, if the scene is like sailing in the sea the viewers could enjoy the experience as if they’re sailing in the sea. Augmented Reality could also be implemented in the entertainment sector apart from cinema such as a 7D screening of the universe, solar system, and an ancient museum. The implementation of Augmented Reality could actually ensure the business owners in witnessing of rising in their revenue and that will gradually increase their financial resources. This benefit of the Augmented Reality concept is actually a wide range of implementations related to User Experience (UX) mainly in video games with improved video or audio files.

Technologies have been improved in the long run. Keep up the best hope to invent the upcoming features. Hope the best and get the best!

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