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How To Plan A Successful Video Marketing Strategy For YouTube?

Successful Video Marketing For YouTube

When promoting your brand, product, or basically anything – using “video” to your advantage is of utmost necessity. A well-thought-out video marketing strategy goes a long way for a business. Marketers are slowly, but surely realizing the potential of visual content and have shifted towards digital means; Facebook and Instagram. But what about YouTube?

Well, YouTube is slightly underrated when it comes to digital marketing – it’s not noticeable. Even though YouTube has 1.8 billion active users, only 9% of small businesses consider the video-streaming platform in their marketing campaign. And they’re missing out! They simply don’t know how to create a video marketing strategy for YouTube.

Keep reading as we uncover the “steps” you need to follow while creating a marketing plan.

Why Use YouTube For Video Marketing?

So, YouTube is as popular as other social platforms, if not higher. And the platform has a diverse set of audiences who’re just waiting to see groundbreaking content. Also, fortunately – YouTube craves high-quality, meaningful content. Rather than fast-paced content, you watch on-the-go.

This is a useful fact for businesses that have a “story” to tell; helpful for those who need to produce a video that connects with the audience. So, there’s no need to bombard viewers with facts about your product. Take your time and create a meaningful video for YouTube!

Now, let’s take a look at the five steps you need to follow to succeed on YouTube:


Before straight-up creating videos, research your audience. Take a look at the latest trends and decide what format you should go ahead with. What are other YouTube channels doing? Learn from their strategy. What mistakes can you avoid? Look at their performance over the years.

Thoroughly go through YouTube analytics and find out your subscribers’ demographic. Plan out a video while keeping age-brackets in perspective. Your content needs to be carved out differently if the target audience is millennial and similarly if there’s a boomer audience.

Blatantly creating the same set of videos for an audience you are not familiar with won’t be beneficial. As mentioned, you need to create a heart-to-heart relationship with your audience. That’s only possible when you get insights into their behavior and viewing patterns. So, research well!

Stay Consistent

Persistence is the key to any type of success. Continuously publish videos on YouTube to ensure that the algorithm notices your channel. YouTube prefers creators who are consistent with their upload frequency. Communicate with subscribers and let them know how often you’ll post. It’ll help them know your pattern; when to view your videos.

And while being consistent, there should be no compromise on quality. Your audience will immediately notice that you prefer bulk-content over meaningful ones, leading to lesser viewers. Building a meaningful, trustworthy relationship with your subscribers – to gain loyalty.

Now, we know that there’s a “cost” attached to videos – filming, editing, and post-production. Unlike a blog, creating videos take a lot more time, but there’s a high ROI. It’s worth it. Visual content will always be more appealing than a simple blog, per se. Be consistent and instantly see results!

Create Noteworthy Content

Indeed, YouTube has a huge audience potential, but there are millions of channels there who’re on the same path as you. There isn’t a lack of content out there. To set your channel apart from others, produce worthwhile videos. Subscribers will watch high-quality, meaningful content over others any day.

Also, learn and research the different types of videos you can create; tutorials, demo videos, explainer videos, to mention a few. Figure out the tone of your brand, what you seek from an audience, and plan out accordingly. A video marketing strategy needs to be well-thought-out.

Constantly work on improving the quality of videos and never settle down. Be creative and present videos in a new manner. The results will surely satisfy you. Remember that YouTube is supposed to be a “fun” platform. Publishing mundane videos with conventional formats will be disastrous. Subscribes seek an entertainment value, provide them with it.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with other YouTube channels and skyrocket your own views! Now, there’s more to “YouTubers” than gaming and comedy channels. There is a channel for every category you can possibly think of; beauty, fashion, parenting, and many more. Another fact, each group gets millions of views. Even a simple “tutorial” channel.

Note that YouTube is used for different means. Some seek pure entertainment, while others prefer knowledge. There’s a diverse audience.

Now, reach out to YouTubers of your choice. Preferably those from the same category. Communicate and acknowledge how you both can do a collaboration. Research on how similar your audiences are and what the overall goal is. A collaborative “video” will be beneficial for both parties. It’s a win-win situation. Similarly, stay in touch with other brands. You never know when they’ll come handy.

Add Links and CTAs

Yes, storytelling does matter, but to ensure that your subscribers stay consistent with your videos – use links and CTAs (call-to-action). It’s one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and organically grow. An ideal video should be high-quality, intellectually awakening, and filled with subtle marketing references.

For links, add annotations throughout the video. With annotations, a user will get redirected to another (personal) site. Or you can simply attach links in the description box. Both have the same results and make sure that the subscriber stays along with your brand.

Using CTAs is quite different on YouTube than blogs. You’ll have to visually explain what the brand wants in an ad. For instance, if it’s an introductory video – ask users to subscribe for more content. And if it’s a demo video – give details on how they can seek more information. Continuously use different CTAs. Then, your audience will interact with the videos.

To Conclude

Hopefully, these steps will help you carve out the perfect video marketing plan. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. Obviously, there’s a lot of dedication required for creating videos but the long-term benefits are worth more than a mere blog or graphic image.

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