10 Best Simple Website Builders for Business in 2021

1.5 billion websites on the web. And given that the global population is 7.8 billion, it means 1 website per 5 people!

With this, you can easily understand how intense competition is on the web.

And if you are thinking of going digital now, you need to have a website that can stand out from the crowd on the web. To stay abreast of all the new ways of the internet, business owners have turned to expert agencies like Hooked Marketing to design for them, a site with maximum functionality and aesthetic.

But, it is not always that you need a website that looks like a designer’s dream.

Sometimes, all you need your website to be is simple, easy to use and create, affordable, and approachable. however, you must ensure that your simple website is optimized in such a way that it shows up on the first page of the search results when similar products or services are searched for. This is something a technical seo agency can help you with. Even if you use a professional to help with your SEO, you are still going to want to understand the basic principles of it so you can further your knowledge and help yourself if needed down the line. For instance, you may have a few questions in mind about search engine optimization, such as “are h2 tags important for SEO?” “Is there specific SEO for specific sectors?” “Do I need to keep doing it periodically?”, and so on. You’ll be able to find out these answers online with SEO-based articles.

And for creating a simple website, you need a simple website builder. But, finding anything is not simple in 2021. The choices are baffling. And the more the choice, the more likely are you to make a wrong call.

The top 10 simplest website builders for simple, sophisticated, and result-oriented websites – in this guide, for you.

Take a look…

1. Wix

Wix is like a ready for sale apartment. The basic structure is already set. You just need to customize the place and make it your own.

  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Wix has hundreds of free templates.
  • A loaded app store.
  • Free and paid domain hosting options.
  • Pretty much everything is mobile optimized.
  • Security concerns are taken care of for you.

Wix has a free plan, but for a little more professional look (no ads and your own domain name), you can go with the Combo plan for $13/month

If you have a small business, you are a budding artist or want to set up an online store that’s uncluttered, Wix is a great option. You can ditch the coding hat and keep it simple with Wix.

2. Weebly

Weeblyis among the best website buildersfor businesses looking for large websites.

  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • A domain is free for the first year
  • Smart and stylish themes for different use cases
  • Automatic mobile optimization (You cannot change that though!)
  • App store with several functional widgets
  • Membership area options for restricting access

With Weebly, you are likely to feel like you are entering your own kitchen. You’ll know where to find what. And yet, most part of the cooking would have been done for you. Garnish and present to the world a website that is simply awesome.

3. Squarespace

The Squarespace home page is impeccably cool. It has a fresh and fun vibe to it. And with that, you know that’s what you are going to get for your website. Squarespace’s latest version 7 comes backed with powerful features like Getty images and a cover page builder.

  • Usability of the editor. You can edit content live from the frontend.
  • 100+ templates that are fully flexible and adaptable for mobile viewing
  • Robust mobile application
  • Sound Squarespace support
  • Mobile applications that can be used for on-the-go editing

While Squarespace wasn’t an easy builder by a long shot, its latest version has countered that flaw. And with a $12/month base plan, it can help you get you a simple yet sustainable and potentially-successful online presence.

4. SITE123

Finding simple website builders isn’t the simplest of tasks. And you cannot judge any builder by just the claims that they make. But, when it comes to SITE123, you actually get what their name suggests. The site would be ready in one, two, and three.

  • Predefined options that just need to be filled with the right content to get your website ready.
  • Translating the website is possible which makes it great for multilingual businesses or site owners. However, while the translation provided by SITE123 would be quite accurate, if a business feels like their website would be better off with professional traduction de site web (French: website translation) services in order to really help visitors understand their products or services, they can do so by contacting the required professionals.
  • Free forever plan
  • Responsive design templates.
  • Basic SEO, eCommerce, and blogging functionalities are available.

If you are looking forward to building a website that isn’t complex, SITE123 will get it done for you. It is as easy as filling an online form.

5. WordPress

WordPress is literally powering a third of the web. Isn’t that enough to make anyone believe that it’s the best? Well, most of the top-ranking WordPress websites are big boys and girls of the Internet. They have a team of coders taking care of the technical stuff for them.

But, even if you don’t know that, you can get a simple WordPress website up and running soon.

  • It is a 100% free option.
  • You have complete control over your website and its security as it is open source (
  • You’ll never run out of choices for templates, plugins, and apps.
  • Multiple SEO-friendly tools
  • Customization options and drag-and-drop builders are plenty.

A simple user interface + simple to follow user guides and online resources = a stylish, sophisticated, and professional website on WordPress that is surprisingly simple to build.

6. Strikingly

In most cases, viewers find scrolling a simpler alternative jumping through the links. (That’s how the ‘Gram got you addicted!)

And Strikingly understands this very well.

That’s why it lets you build simple one-page websites. You get an online presence, a chance to get your audience addicted (scroll, scroll, scroll), and get all this done in a couple of hours.

  • Single page websites are a cool change from the crowd of heavy-duty navigation options of other platforms
  • Drag and drop builder to add to the ease
  • iOS devices can be used to manage the site.
  • Ready to use themes and templates

Strikingly isn’t the most popular option when it comes to website builders. But when it comes to the best simple website builders, Strikingly makes for a strikingly simple solution.

7. Jimdo

Jimdo did take simplicity to another level by literally doing everything for you. The Jimdo Dolphin is an AI-based design assistant that asks you a couple of questions before you begin. And then, it creates the website for you. And poof! You are done.

Jimdo Creator, the coder-friendly builder, also isn’t far behind, though.

  • Straightforward editing options are timesavers
  • Free plan available
  • Superb SEO functionalities. You can also make use of the paid Ranking Coach tool.
  • Mobile applications that can easily be used for website building
  • 8 languages are supported in the interface. Great for multilingual websites.

If you have a coding hat lying around, don it and be a Creator with Jimdo. Or let the Dolphin do it for you. Either way, it is as simple as it gets.

8. Webnode

Another popular choice among top website builders is Webnode. Honestly speaking, we did like the old Webnode editor, but the newest version brings in a lot of good stuff. From an improved shopping cart to an array of good-looking designs and also a more direct editing experience. And that’s how it landed on this list.

  • The simplest way to build multilingual websites is by using Webnode.
  • Free version with 100MB storage.
  • Reliable backup and restore features.
  • Great for small business SEO.
  • Password protection and decent blogging and eCommerce options.

Webnode isn’t the best website builder, to be honest. However, it is simply a great pick for building simple sites in a simple way.

9. SimpleSite

If you want to find pleasure in website building, SimpleSite is the website builder for you. It lives up to its name and gives a direct and streamlined website building experience.

An extremely intuitive builder that has a fill-in-the-blanks ready for you. Fill your content and make some design choices to get your site ready.

  • Generous free plan with eCommerce options included.
  • Responsiveness is a given.
  • On-the-go options to mobile-optimize your site.

SimpleSite is a simple builder. You might not find futuristic functionalities or even high-end designs and plugins. But, it delivers what it promises. Simple websites that are fun to create. Good pick for freelancers or solopreneurs with limited needs.

10. IM Creator

IM Creator is the brainchild of an ex-Wix employee. That does raise the expectations high. But it isn’t the simplest option for beginners. However, if you want designs that dazzle with minimum effort from your end, you will find it a simple option for swift website creation.

  • Aesthetic designs that are fully customizable with just a couple of clicks.
  • Consistent design across the site for brand consistency
  • You can change how your site looks on mobile devices.
  • Ecommerce features are available even in the free plan.
  • If you want to create a simple website that has a stunning design. For everything else, you have multiple options already.

Now that we have answered your “What are the best website builder?” question let us also tell you how to pick the most suitable option.

It is a simple 2-part process.

  • Understand your need

Do you need a simple website or your audience would expect you to go over and above the ordinary?

  • What are your technical skills?
  • IM Creator, for example, isn’t simple for beginners but simple for an experienced builder.

Once you have the answer to these two questions, you’d find the most-apt simple website builder for yourself right in this list.

Think, answer, and get the results. That’s something super simple to do.