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What Are the Top Concerns and Perks of Using AI Chatbots?

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Global usage of AI chatbots is on the rise. Companies are opting for this technology to speed up their customer support operations and cater to as many customers as possible.

Though this technology is gaining popularity, there are still a lot of concerns regarding the usage of AI chatbots.

Here we will briefly discuss some of the perks and concerns of using AI chatbots.

Perks of Using AI Chatbots

1. Speedy Customer Support

AI chatbots are faster and they don’t need any lunch breaks or sick leaves. They can provide 24×7 support and be there to solve your customers’ problems, unlike human executives.

2. Low Recruitment Cost

If you integrate a chatbot, you’ll have to recruit fewer people in your customer support team. This can help you save on your company’s hiring costs.

3. Customer Insights

Using an AI chatbot can help you collect valuable data about your customers’ preferences and opinions about your products and services.

Concerns of Using AI Chatbots

1. Vernacular Limitations

AI chatbots face difficulty in understanding many regional languages and cultural nuances. This can be a concern for brands as some customers might not like the automated responses their bot delivers.

2. Higher Cost of Deploying Advanced Chatbots

If you want to deploy an advanced AI chatbot that can solve most of your concerns, you will have to invest a lot more than you initially estimated.

Final Thoughts

The growing popularity of AI chatbots is a sign that more businesses are taking their customer service operations more seriously. They want to give quick resolutions to their customers and implementing the chatbot technology is the best way of doing it.

If you want to create an AI chatbot for your business, you should look for the best AI chatbot platforms available in the market. You can find a detailed review of some of the best ones on my blog,

Also, check out the infographic below to get a clearer picture of the concerns and perks of using AI chatbots.

What Are the Top Concerns and Perks of Using AI Chatbots?
Image Courtesy: Shane Barker

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