Top 7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development across Industries

Top 7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

According to CMO, 47% of established organizations have a defined strategy for artificial intelligence. It’s no more difficult to spot businesses across the industries who are using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to stay informed, streamline their operations and make better business decisions.

AI has become a fascinating technology for innovators around the world who are majorly involved in the domain of technology. AI enables experts to develop platforms that perform intelligent tasks that reduce human efforts with their problem-solving instinct and ability to take on bigger and smarter tasks. Within the last couple of years, AI has come a long way from being a subdued section of virtual reality to a much more competent and proactive system.

Along with increasing productivity in various other industries, AI in mobile app development has proven to be revolutionary. However, AI in mobile app development primarily focuses on improving user experience. Which means with the right AI app development and right AI experts almost every industry across the globe can reap the benefits of this radical technology.

Here are seven benefits of artificial intelligence in mobile app development across industries, to help you make the right decisions for your mobile app.

Artificial intelligence for monotonous tasks

According to research done by Accenture, AI technology enables businesses and their resources to use time efficiently, which helps increase productivity by 40%.

AI technology operates with rapid intelligence by using real-time information in association with routine human tasks and behavior. The solution AI presents is as good and credible as human intelligence. AI in mobile app development and other digital systems adapt itself to provide correct results without needing any repeated programming.

It comes with no surprise that one of the major reasons for the invention of a computer system was to computerize numerous existing industrial systems to process the information using comprehensive program structure.

Voice interface – Integration of AI and IoT

With Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, AI can be much more than one can imagine. Even though IoT has been groundbreaking in many ways, in practicality, it is efficient to offer individual interfaces for a number of mobile devices, security systems, smart watches, and home appliances.

This is another advantage of AI technology where AI voice interface integration enhances the user experience. Integration of AI and IoT connected devices, makes it far easier to connect, control and command for seamless user experience over multiple mediums.

AI allures retail customers

When it comes to the retail industry, AI technology is building new frontiers and it’s increasing the potential of mobile apps and user journey. Big retail businesses are integrating AI algorithms into their website, e-commerce site or mobile app to serve and retain more customers.

Business apps have access to the entire consumer information from the point of sale, mobile devices, and online traffic and from other mediums. The AI algorithms within these apps will process the data to learn about patterns and trends to enable the apps to create more contextual and relatable marketing messages and notifications. This rich and meaningful brand engagement technique will help businesses better connect with the audience, making techniques such as targeted marketing to students a lot easier, due to having the right audience and the techniques to connect to that audience on a personal level.

AI in mobile app development help retain more customers

It is fair to say artificial intelligence has greatly influenced most of our lives in one way or another. It is everywhere, for example, our everyday routine, surfing the web, in travel apps and healthcare. Artificial intelligence algorithms are helping many businesses boost their customer satisfaction. The contentment and satisfaction come from the fact that customers no more have to look for things that they need, as AI is more than capable to help them find things effectively.

AI in mobile app development means delivering personalized, intuitive and seamless customer experience. The primary purpose of AI for such mobile apps is to gather information from previous interactions. This results in a better understanding of customer behavior that allows AI app to connect customers with the brand.

Furthermore, there are apps for almost everything you could possibly think of nowadays. Even laundromats can accept payments for their laundry services via a useful app that you can learn more about here: With more and more business owners embracing this revolutionary mobile payment technology, it is exciting to think about what the future might hold.

Moreover, apps that lack innovation and creativity are more likely to be abandoned by users. AI technology can help alter this tendency by offering users more spontaneous user experience for maximum customer retention.

AI can mean higher revenue

According to the artificial intelligence Statista study, 84% of global business organizations’ reason to adopt AI is to sustain their competitive edge.

It has become common for people to receive different types of notifications around the clock, related to products, discounts, and various offers. Predictive AI algorithms detect user’s purchasing and search history to determine their interest and buying tendencies to make custom suggestions. That’s how pattern-reading AI algorithms inspire more users to shop and help businesses make more revenue.

AI technology can inspire loyalty

Along with predictive intelligence, AI technology also delivers pattern detecting functions. This sort of intelligence is often integrated with finance apps, where users are constantly using their credit or debit cards for banking and transactional purposes.

These intelligent apps understand the patterns of card usage from previous transactions for each user and inform them about any unusual or suspicious payment attempts. Additional services like these encourage customers to continue using such apps and even increase their loyalty for the brand.

AI in mobile app development and analytics

With the increase in customer demands and the rise of advanced innovations, the popularity of AI apps is soaring high. AI in mobile app development is enabling businesses to explore and offer more. Developers and businesses who bring apps to the market also want detailed insights into how their apps are performing with their users, ways in which they can enrich their audience, and how they can best market themselves and get their message across – this is often done using things like mobile attribution platforms which provide end-to-end solutions for running marketing.

AI apps can help businesses fetch valuable insights on competitors’ performance, their products, industry trends, real-time market practices and more. Furthermore, AI apps can also help prepare comparison reports using the latest market scenarios all using marketing analytics and various strategies.

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