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Best 5 VR Technologies 2019 – 2020

VR Motion Simulator 2019

Virtual reality is something that has been in existence for quite a while. As the years continue to advance, more developers got interested and began to open a new world of possibilities with VR. VR has improved significantly over the last two years than it has over the past thirty years. We have, however, compiled a list of the top five VR technologies that are changing our reality rapidly. Let’s take a look.

Control VR

With the control VR, motion sensors are used to track movement of the arms when stretched forward to give user a more realistic experience when in use. With this VR technology, you can pick up objects, load guns or even work in an office.

control vr
contro vr 2019

VR Gloves

VR gloves brig to you a revolutionary change in the way your hand or finger movements work in virtual reality. With this technology, it is possible for you to play the piano and do other things with your hand and fingers. Although the technology is still in its early stage, developers have made the type that recognizes motion. More features will be added to make the experience more realistic such as heat sensors to produce heat when the user touches hot objects.

VR Gloves 2019


These babies are not just called 8K for nothing. An example of such is the Pimax VR which gives a user a dual 4k resolution display for each eye. This headset has 16 million pixels which are six times more than what other VR technology in its category. It equally supports eye tracking and full positioning tracking for a more realistic experience. They are currently collaborating with the big guys like Steam, Disney Land, Nvidia and Valve to make better gaming experience.

8K VR headset 2019
8K VR headset 2019


VR Motion Chairs

With each passing day, the VR motion chairs keep getting popular among many users. This technology can create a more immersive experience with users when paired the VR. MM, the mine project produced a fully equipped motion chair that has full 360 degrees movement perfect for flight simulation.

motion chair 2019
motion chair 2019
VR motionchair 2019

On the other hand, we also have Faze Tech who made the racing cube simulator. This simulator offers you a plug and play feature with your home PC and is currently built to work with over eighty games.

racing cube 2019

Another secondary design that was made for the VR motion chair is the VRGO. It is a more straightforward, smaller and more compact chair that can be used by all ages. It might seem small,but it is the future of VR gaming.

VRGO Motion Chair 2019

Omni-Directional Treadmills

This VR technology was made similarly as the regular treadmill and can point you in any direction. You are not limited to only a few movements. Picture this, you have played the Star Wars game a couple of time but wish to walk in the deck or imagine yourself walking around the street in GTA, with AXON Exo Suit, this is possible. Additional features like climbing the stair and playing sports are also likely.

treadmill 2019

Then there is also Infinadeck for ground level movement while playing certain games using the latest treadmill technology.

VR Treadmil 2019

Still, under the Omni-directional treadmill technology, we have the CyberithVirtualizer with holds you steadily and allows you make movements like jumping, walking and even crouching to bring a total real life experience to you. The Cyberithis made for both home and commercial arcade use. An exciting feature is that you can get more experience and worlds online, an example is playing Second Life. Everything becomes a lot more exciting.

With all these ground breaking technologies in VR we can be sure to be expect more people prefer the virtual world to the real world. We can only hope to see more opportunities and possibilities created by VR and who knows what the future hold.

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