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Machine Learning : A Rallying Point For Tomorrow’s Technology

machine learning

Bedrock of future technology

In the world that currently battles the detrimental tendencies of data and information of people being exposed, used for undue manipulations and political exploitation’s, forgery, cyber-attacks and frauds, it is rather a thing of great relief to be aware of one big and massive innovation that will serve as the bedrock of future technology using the data and information accessible on the internet. The technology world has made efforts so well to make things easier by providing very smart devices to help man with almost every tasks but the study and possibilities of what Arthur Samuel talked about in 1959 is what comes afore now with more demands for better intelligence for devices and gadgets unabated.

Arthur Samuel
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In 1959, Arthur talked and worked about making machine learn so as to think and act rationally like man. He was of the belief that coding our ways into computers and other devices should be done in a way that will make these machines think and use available statistics to make decisions and not just coding what the machine will do at any given time. For many decades after this, man increased its technological base and promoted by coding in computers and machines what must be done and not making the machine learn and make smart decision like humans based on data and information fetched and analysed.

Innovations that will shape the future of mankind

Moreover, with the present technology making case and working to see machine learning feasible and practical, there are now a lot of possibilities and innovations that will shape the future of mankind. Data will now be used for a beneficial purpose when machines and computers have access to them to make smart decisions. Mini computers like tablets, phones will become smarter and perform better tasks, data centers and cloud memory technology will be enhanced to accommodate faster data and information analysis.

There is no better time than now to have computers and machines working after learning from data because the technology of today provides all that is needed to achieve machine learning. Its time to get rid of the old by searching up quotes on ‘SELL SERVERS / WE BUY USED SERVERS / LIQUIDATION & BUY BACK‘, and in with the new. Data and information of people will become more expensive and this may cause the data insecurity issues to linger longer with us. However, the gains of tomorrow’s technology will be massive with machine learning poised to be a rallying point. Every sector of human life will witness procedural changes. Businesses will run on some smart machines, construction industry, health and medicine, education and agriculture will all have a good taste of what it means to use highly intelligent machines that work on the concept of machine learning. Entertainment industry including sports and tourism will not be left out in the massive wave that will drive the changed world.

Banking and financial sector will perform difficult tasks with the aid of smarter devices and gadgets that uses artificial intelligence. Loan application and approval, internet banking and ATMs will rely on machines that have learnt how humans make decisions through machine learning. This is a technology that will create second humans into the planet earth and it will only take a few years before all these become reality.

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