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Our Dependency On The Most Useful Google Products and Services

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Google keeps on releasing a bunch of apps, products, and services for the outer world. Google has even launched a VPN for Android users. For the time being, those of us who are not using Android will have to continue using a service similar to betternet VPN. It is one of the biggest companies with the most successful products that have gone on board. We all use many of Google’s products and services on a daily basis that is really useful and remarkably fruitful. In fact, people are very invested in Google, figuratively, and literally, they look into buying Google shares (Google Aktie kaufen), as they believe that the company will go from strength to strength.

Now because Google has such a huge history, what would happen if any other big company challenges Google? Does Google has much of the products or resources to cope with the market or will it get dumped to ground? To clear out these doubts, I have taken a step ahead to write this article on the usability of Google products.

Let us take a look back on the products that Google has launched previously and how they are operating till date

Google Chrome

Chrome has been in lightning demand over Internet Explorer. The ease and the simplicity it offers have made me a fan of this super browser. It is the number 1 choice of every individual due to the fast access. Who would not want to use this amazing browser to explore the web?


Another most useful and successful product of Google is Gmail. Sending and receiving mails is an essential and primary task to do. Google has changed the ways to communicate with each other and this great product has been embraced by zillions of users round the globe.


Look back few years ago when Google launched this life saving product called Android. In no time, it became one of the most used and important mobile operating systems across the world. Smartness is always appreciated and here also Google took the winning wickets by launching this awesome product which made the mobile browsing easy.

Google Search

Make way to Google search and find anything or everything in a jiffy. Get suggestions while typing, It’s been around 10 years Google has been continuously improving and launching new techniques. The voice recognition feature of Google to search something has gained a lot of attention and earned quite a good appreciation. Always get the relevant and accurate information on the spot.

Google Drive

Write, save, and share any important information in Google drive. Manage and synchronize the data in this intuitive cloud storage service that is operated and controlled by Google. Although Google Drive is capable of handling most file types, if you need to transfer or share particularly large files, you might be interested to learn that there are alternatives out there. For example, did you know that you can transfer large files fast using Digital Pigeon? Just check out the Digital Pigeon website to determine whether using a file transfer service could be quicker for your needs.

Google Maps

The most used products these days the Google maps that gives full access to the roads. With this product, view the maps of any part of the world while driving and reach the destination possibly fast. You can also profit off Google Maps from the comfort of your own home if you use it wisely so be sure to take a look at chad kimball google maps course to find out how you can do this.

Google Docs

Create, edit and manage documents in Google Docs. An office suite where remote access is provided to access the documents saved in Google drive by simply logging in the Gmail account. 15 GB of storage is offered in the Google Drive to use Google+, Photos, Gmail and Google Drive.

Google Street View

For over 10 years, Google has been constantly putting efforts to offer something really good to the people. Google street view is a similar version of Google maps where one gets the ease to view street views. Why people prefer using Google Street view is because it generates accurate and relevant outputs.

Google News

Explore the latest news, happenings related to sports, technology, entertainment, Hollywood and world etc. Google News can be accessed from the mobile phones also that bring in the recent news from various news sites. Available in 28 languages in 60 countries, an aggregation algorithm controls the front page of Google that displays the trending news.

Google Alerts

Not much popular as other products or apps, Google alerts came in existence few years back. It is a small product of Google that sends latest alerts on the topic one chooses to get the information for. Any topic regarding anything can be subscribed for to get the alerts about that particular thing. Say, subscribe to UX design trends and Google alerts will send the latest happenings in the Gmail account which can later be viewed.


No denying to the fact that the popularity of Google’s products is always staggering and many of the clicks done on the web are actually controlled by this giant search engine. It has an incredible footprint in the web world. Aren’t you shocked by how much we all are obsessed with Google’s products and how they are controlling us? Google is never going to lose its popularity no matter what!

Its a great achievement of Google to launch such a high level of innovation in just few years?

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