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Why Apple’s MAC Book Has A Dominant Market?

Apple Mac Book

The current dominance that Apple has in the market is quite appreciating and deserving, ever wondered why? Seems puzzling, isn’t it?

It has been clearly seen that Apple moved into an extremely new direction when it launched iPod and iPhone. The standard of this brand can be spotted if anyone ever has visited its store. Customer service is amazingly supportive but why it has hit the tech industry so stunningly is still a mystery.

While PCs are used widely round the globe, lots of reasons are there why choosing MAC OS over a Windows PC is suggested.

Today’s topic revolves around why Apple’s MAC book is successful as a product. Take a sneak-peek

Perfect Combination of Hardware and Software

Apple might be too expensive but the hardware and software is perfectly designed to offer a unique experience. However, Apple optimizes both the things to make the end product look good and feel great. The hardware flawlessly runs with MAC OS owing to the fact that Apple has designed it. As compared to PC, MAC is a stable and secure machine even more. Won’t you give MAC a try? As popular as Apple are with the sales of devices such as the MAC, it doesn’t come without the possibility of picking up some computer-related problems. So, if you would like to ensure that your MAC lives a long and happy life and you live locally to the Longmont area, check out Longmont Mac Repair who can repair your device. Don’t worry though, there will be highly trained technicians near you too.

The Trackpad

Though in PC windows 8 the touchscreen interface has been installed, Apple has focussed more on keeping the MAC OS with mouse and keyboard input. The smooth moving trackpad feature of MAC OS make the navigation easy, friendly and fast enough. However, it makes the overall experience an epic one.

Stylish Shape

MAC looks stylish and gorgeous! Don’t you want to look smart with MAC? Not to mention its outstanding features, MAC has a lot in its court. Fonts, CSS, HTML are few things that work great on MAC while PC faces some problems. One of the major reasons is the looks that have attracted a huge fan following for Apple.

UNIX Based

MAC has UNIX-based OS that excellently works on commands and shell scripts. Automation of processes is done remarkably. Ever since the emergence of iPhone, Apple has done well in making MAC a convenient gadget than PC. In fact, the iPhone Apps can be developed on a MAC machine using X-codes. It is an exclusive feature of Apple MAC.

MAC makes everyone Happy

Anyone who would have bought Windows PC can never be as happy as buying a MAC OS. Productivity is much more when Apple is there and one really cannot underestimate the happiness that comes after using MAC. Spending on Apple is worth the money but hold on! MAC is not cheap than a PC so better to make your mind accordingly though.

However, MAC from Apple is simple to use that is the biggest challenge for every other company to beat it. In customer surveys, it has topped the list for its award-winning performance.

Pre-loaded with software

Many of us think that Microsoft Office is installed by default in the PCs. Really? Of, course not. Why would Microsoft Company give away its so expensive suite in free? Think about it! Actually, the PCs are loaded with crap that no one wants.

MAC is a better option as it comes with pre-loaded software i.e. iLife. Edit photos, music or videos on the go with this easy to use software. If you’re unsure how to edit videos on mac, iSkysoft can walk you through it…there’s always a solution with Mac! Other than that, get access to emailing facility and iWork online apps.

No Security Issues

Obsessed with security software in your gadget? If yes, then PC is not a good option for you. Peep into this amazing feature of MAC OS that doesn’t let anyone intrude into or target your device. Cyber-criminals just cannot access MAC OS with the same cruelty that they do with PCs Windows. MAC owners don’t need to install any security software to get rid of spyware or an infected virus. However, in some cases, loss of data can happen, purely from a glitch or incorrectly saving files, this is where mac hard drive recovery services can be your needed help, whether it is recovering lost data or transferring to a new mac, they may be able to help you.

Great Customer Service

Last on the list is Apple’s flabbergasting in-store and customer experiences. Though Apple creates easy to use products, the technology that is encapsulated has always been a conundrum. Having any issues with any of the Apple’s products, go straight to the retail store nearby and you will have the problem solved in a jiffy.

Of course, we all need an incredible customer service and Apple justifies the term fully well.

Hope you have got ample good of reasons on why MAC book has a wider scope of getting successful in the market and it is! If you are still unsure, go back to the first sentence and read the article again quickly. This time, you will be clearer with your doubts.

Choose MAC as your next tech gadget because now a lot of reasons are there on why MACs are better.

If any of the important details or facts has been missed, comment in the section below.

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