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Top 7 Places Around The Globe – For Designers to Live and Work

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A Great design is a combination of aesthetics, science, and transformation into a complete user experience. It is the innovation of a creative thinking mind. A designer’s thoughts should be supported by the environment around him. It should constantly supply him with positive vibes that flood his mind which then explodes into exquisite designs.

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So which cities give designers the best opportunities to explore their creativity? Which of them offer the best jobs? And which of them give the highest pay?

You have to speculate these factors before deciding on your final destination.

We have compiled a list of few of our favorite 7 cities to stay in……………………

Rio de Janerio

This lively city has a richness of natural expanse to offer the creative thinker. You can glide through the mountains, lagoons, beaches and the classic architecture to get fuel for design ideas. What’s more it offers a bustling city life which offers you a well paid job to take care of your financial needs. It would be the perfect blend.

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The biggest and the most advanced city of Japan, Tokyo is being eyed by the whole world. It offers tremendous opportunities to professionals from varied niches. The quality of life and earnings are also awesome. The city is full of aesthetic ideas and inspirations. Every road, building, hoardings, have something to offer. There are architectural marvels, techno-designed contemporary skyscrapers, private and commercial buildings, and even the telecom wires are example of precise and high-end designing. And if your inspiration seems a little low some time, you can always head to Yokohama and Chiba for the extra punch.

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A great designer works better in the company of the like-minded. London is flooded with designers who take novel ideas from the landscape, architectures and the people around. It is a city of the world and people from various British colonies from all over the world have arrived, loved the place, and decided to settle here forever. With a confluence of multi-lingual cultures, the’ camera eye’ of the designer has loads to capture and encapsulate. London has the monopoly of creative talent and offers a great quality of life, a requisite for positive thinking. People here live in style, each and every commodity they own is well thought of, owned and maintained with great passion. With so much of compassion into anything you do, you are sure to inspire and motivate.

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A designer may find inspiration in anything that he might be fascinated with. And Berlin has the perfect environment for a designer to thrive and prosper. The art, music, architecture, and landscapes, all carry a story with them and offers immense ideas to those on a lookout. The city is rich and vibrant in art and the streets showcase events, shows and art galleries of a superior class. It is a city where people broke barriers to come together…absolutely enriching and inspiring!

The city is not too large and the people here are connected with each other. This factor provides a peaceful and synergic environment for a designer to work in. And the good news is that the cost of living is low compared to the international cities. This makes resources easily available for design projects, especially for the fresher designers.

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Cape Town

This city houses some top-class design schools where students from all over the world come to learn the expertise. The place also has some tremendous landscape beauty, high quality of life and great facilities for the residents. The high point of living in Cape Town is that you can attend a meeting in your contemporary-designed office and head straight for the woods to take a relaxing walk. There is an abundance of ad agencies thriving in this city that offer work to young and aspiring talents.

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New York

The haven of contemporary designers, your hunger for design will bring you here. Every talented and sparkling designer should be right here. The vibrancy and pace of work here, transcends into premium outputs in a highly-competitive environment. New York has some of the best design schools and the greatest design ad-agencies.

A multitude of people from varied backdrops come to Manhattan, so the amalgamation of cultures and attitude makes it a perfect place to work in. People offers varied ideas and design methods which can be neatly synced to achieve a great design.

Fashion industry, museums, designer boutiques, skyscrapers, all challenge the designer within to churn out novel ideas and impeccable designs. Designs that are useful and designs that are there to stay.

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The final destination, and the final nirvana of style and art- Paris! Art, culture, fashion, people, architecture and much more, this city never fails to impress.

Though the arts and graphic design studios are not necessarily impressive, the rich history and architecture influences the work of great minds. Even the large design companies and studios fail to offer quality designs. But, there is creativity everywhere, the clothes, streets, billboards, random posters and the classic bookshops, you just have to pick the correct ideas and incorporate them into your work.

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