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UX Design Openings- The Greatest Promise Of Future

UX Design Openings

We stand at the threshold of an era where Design is evolving….BIG TIME. We are witnessing a revolution where the superpower ‘technology’ has been overthrown by ‘Design’ and emerged as the uncrowned king. Some Big Players envisaged this fallout, many did not. But now, from small to big, all companies are hands down incorporating the user experience into their products. That’s the key mantra to win a customer, the outcome of a process should be a,” An exceptional user experience”.

Who should be a UX designer?

So, if you are a designer who likes to interact with the customer to know his likes and preferences, and then you go ahead and do further research to incorporate user-friendly ideas into the designing of your product, then UX designing is the job for you.

With UX designing being the greatest occupation, the profession of a UX designer has to be the most sort after. The key features of a UX designer would be…
• Empathetic
• Well read
• Has great digital knowledge and experience
• Is adept at the art of redesigning
• Knows how to create the end user experience

Growth in the demand for UX designers

UX designers are currently in great demand and are scaling new heights in varied fields and undertaking complex tasks in the technology, health, social, and many more sectors. These designers would devise designs centred on human interactions, to solve complicated tasks, with greatest ease and sophistication. UX design is the no#1 out of the 7 most sought after jobs in design and planning (Source: an article from Brazen Life) and has a job growth of up to 30%.

There will be an estimated 13% increase in the demand for web designers, web masters, and web programmers by 2020 (Source: an article from Brazen Life). The salaries of UX designers are increasing in enormous proportions, and if these designers are skilled at coding also, there will be a further 5% hike in their salaries. And the best cities for UX designers to live in terms of pay and growth are New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, respectively. (Source: Dashburst’s Salary Guide).

The growth has been far and wide

The US markets have sure been buzzing with the word UX design, with amazing job opportunities on LinkedIn for design and more and more UX designers joining LinkedIn every month. This impact has also been felt as far as China, where there is also a great demand for UX designers as the Chinese market has felt the need to compete with the world class sophisticated products. A UX conference in China is 30 % larger than a UX conference in Europe. Even in countries like Israel, South Africa, Australia, and South Korea the UX community continues to grow and thrive.

The future jobs in design are…..

With design being embedded and weaved into everything, let’s study 8 future jobs in design.

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

This designation called the CDO will be appointed by every company where a designer will be required to oversee the making of a product from the start to the finish. The purpose of this designer would be to design the business plan holistically and solidify all ends and bring the proposed visual plans into reality.

Chief Drone Experience officer

The use of a drone is becoming more and more widespread by companies to increase productivity. But the complete user experience that collaborates the working of the machine with the outcome and efficiency has to be evaluated. Concerns about privacy and trust would also have to be built in to enhance the user experience. Hence, this will be accomplished by an efficient CDE officer.


Just like how a set of impeccable designed musical instruments would be useless if not played together in rhythm; it is the task of the conductor to responsibly carry out all the operations in harmony to rule out the complexity barriers.

Cybernetic directors

The individuals specializing in this job would be highly qualified in visual communication and graphic arts. They would be entrusted with the task of conceptual authority and training of cybernetic directors and design bots for building the visual language of a product. These designers would be actively involved in the innovations and creative training of machine building operations to create complete personalised experiences.


The designer’s role would involve amalgamating science, research, technology, and art. To see through the successful fusion of these various aspects into a sublime form, would be the task of a fusionist. The fusionist will have to be a skilled collaborator and communication talent who would have the ability to design engineer products that specialists will work upon. The best examples are bio-fabrication and apparel technology.

Human organ designer

This century will see the fusion of biotechnology with creative aesthetics where artificial parts and organs would be fitted into humans, designed as per body specifications.


These will be a stream of experts who would deal with the psychological changes and streamline creative queries, deal with unexpected design bottlenecks and explore areas that are difficult to tackle from the design aspect. It will craft the era of design intervention.

Real time 3–D Designer

The virtual reality is experiencing an era of design and technology transformations. The interaction design will integrate with the game design to create productivity and entertainment tools. 3-d principles and UX discipline will be integrated to work in sync.
Apart from these top UX design jobs; there will be the introduction of machine learning designers, Interaction designers, intelligent system designer, program director, Sim designers, nanotech designers, and many more varied fields.

With the need of a UX designer in every field, there will be an emergence of many more studies and careers in design. Graduates with coding knowledge are making a switch into the design and development arena, and though the candidates might be lacking technical skills in the coding or design field, their portfolios should reflect their competence to successfully accomplish the user experience.

With the growing demand for mobile devices and e-commerce, the need for web developers is estimated to rise up to 27% from 2014 to 2024, a growth rate higher than other job occupations.

Wrap up

So what will happen to the design era in future? Whether it is an application, a tool, a service or a product, the whole user experience will come into play. Industry experts also claim the fading of the UX design and the emergence of a new field called Product Development Specialists who would be engaged in the task of making ‘Enduring designs’ that can allure and connect with the user. It would adapt itself to the changes in environment and needs of the user and serves the user as per his psychological needs. ‘Design’ will become a science and would be narrated to the developers, stakeholders, team and clients in the form of a story to create a whole user experience. That’s how amazing designs will be formed.

Whatever changes will take place in the design era, the need for UX designers will definitely grow manifold and it will be the most rewarding and lucrative jobs.

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