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Effective Communication Between Designers And Developers – A Must


One can dream of making the most beautiful house in the world, but it takes the right kind of people to turn that dream into a reality!

For developing a successful website or an online product, it requires a successful blend of UX strategy and UX design. UX strategy is the objectives and directives to create a successful plan. UX design is the creation of the ideas keeping the strategies in mind. Let us take a practical example- A house is made perfectly when an architect designs it as per the needs of the owner, the developer builds it as per the architect’s design, and finally, the owner is happy with the end result, and is comfortable in living in his home!

Hence, only if the brand designers work in sync with the developers, to meet the needs of the customer, only then they can achieve a successful end result. Businesses looking for consultants to help them with brand clarity and audience identification in order to keep themselves visible and on track may want to consider brand development services like these – https://www.pherrus.com.au/business-development-services/.

Let us explore the insight into designing a successful product

UX strategy

A product, however successfully designed and developed, is of No Use if it fails to meet the client’s needs. A prolific brainstorming session between the client, the designers, and the developers is needed to put heads together in the strategy.

Brand experience and perception

A few points regarding customer satisfaction should be kept in mind:-

  • Will the product justify the customer’s need?
  • Do customers come back after previous experiences?
  • Create a unique and easy-to-use experience
  • Make it a visual delight, yet simple and elegant
  • The product should be error-free and technically strong

Keep the developers in mind

There is no use hiring a top notch Indian speciality cuisine chef for an Italian restaurant! The chef, however competent, will not be able to deliver as per the needs of the customers. Why??? It’s not his niche. Similarly, for a brand development, the potential of the developer and his strong points must be considered in the designing phase. It is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics with technical codes to design an effective product. Listed below are few points that the design team should take heed


There should be a regular dialog between the design and the developing team. It is best to give the developing assignment to the company that has handled the designing. In case this is not possible, there should be good communication between the two parties. To achieve effective communication skills, follow these guidelines –

  • Try not to change the designing at the development process or in the meetings, as it might result in changing the goals and guidelines of the end product
  • Take the viewpoint of all members of the team in consideration but stick to the core design plan
  • While making the rough layouts or wireframes, let the developers contribute to suggestions
  • Follow the Agile UX methodology where the designer works a step ahead of the developer, validating feedbacks and conducting usability tests
  • From using UXpin for initial designing, to importing final sketches from Photoshop, discuss the feasibility of the various stages with the developer

These are not skills you can master in a day or two, they require some practice. And, the Development Academy can help you in this regard. The training that you receive will add to your communication skills because then you’d be able to use tools, like minute taking, and presentation through pie charts, graphs, etc. to convey your ideas well.

    Understand the designing and developing tools

    A perfect layout for a product gets justice if it is executed well. Margins, buttons, frames, and fonts should be well spaced and accurately placed. Pixate and Affinity are extremely interactive and well designed graphic tools, another interactive tool Avacode is known to bridge the gap between the designers and developers. These and many more tools are entering the market and proving strong weapons for designing, and they should be intelligently used to make the final product par excellence.


    The process of designing involves many group discussions, and meetings with the clients and the developers. Everybody has a viewpoint and wants to contribute to the betterment of the project. The key here is to filter and include critical changes that will not disturb the core design. It would not be such an easy task as ego issues can sometimes hamper the user benefits. It is good to experiment, but standard symbols make identifications easy for a layman to understand and operate the service.

    Teamwork is vital for the successful completion of any project. There can be various diverse teams working towards a single goal, but if there is synchronisation, harmony, and good communication between the designers and developers, the end result would definitely be fulfilling.

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    Manoj Pathania is a designer/front-end developer with 8+ years of experience. Other than front-end coding, he loves to write on design trends. He can be reached at manoj07.pathania@gmail.com

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