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Knowing How To Play On Positive Emotions Is The Key Making Your Product Sell!

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Having an idea for an invention is the easiest part. Turning that concept into a concrete product is often easier said than done. When it comes to creating the perfect product, most people would agree that if it doesn’t evoke some kind of emotional response it won’t succeed.

Think about the things that you own and what you have lying around this very second. There are many things that each of us own that don’t perform their task well and aren’t fancy but we love them because the way they make us feel. Like an old brown couch that makes us feel comfortable when we sink into it. It isn’t a beautiful sight but it evokes that sense of comfort that we all want to feel after a stressful day.

There are many things that each of us own that don’t perform their task well and aren’t fancy but we love them because the way they make us feel.

The key function of products is to elicit strong emotions. This alone outweighs the attraction and function factors. Think of all the time times you bought something just because the name behind the brand made you feel powerful or sharp. This idea trickles into every other facet of product design.

Writers use their skills to make us feel powerful emotions as we read their work. This is why we love reading controversial articles, fiction and watching the news. Each of these things actively seek to make us feel. Successful products do the same.

reading article
Source: http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/articles/double_x/roiphe/2013/02/130219_DX_SadReading.jpg.CROP.article568-large.jpg

People need things to solve their problems. We have notebooks to jot our thoughts in. We have fountain pens to refill with ink to write with. We have software that we use to format images and webpages. Each of these things are used on a daily basis in the web design industry and each of these things are more complex than they appear.

Every product must evoke an emotional response. Software companies get us to purchase their merchandise not only through methodical advertising but by making us feel that if we purchase their software we will be validated in some way.

Every product must evoke an emotional response.

Why does emotion matter so much? Good question. Humans are creatures of habits. We love forming patterns— this even affects our memories. Our memories hold onto feelings, thoughts and responses. So when we see certain triggers like sunshine and playgrounds we think of the happy moments of our childhood. We cherish these feelings so to play on these positive emotions is to win over our viewers and potential customers.

Source: http://www.eft-therapy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/laughter1.jpg

Humans are creatures of habits

What you really want to work to make customers feel is what is called ‘immediate emotion.’ This emotion encompasses the feeling that customers get at the moment of purchasing something. Think of how excited you felt when you bought your first website, car or apartment. You want to mimic that reaction to the best of your ability. That feeling is where the money is.

Think of invoice software. This software is common in most business practices. Why? Because all businesses need a way to handle their finances and sales but also because it makes the company feel legitimate and organized.

customer purchase
Source: http://pressuresensitiveproducts.com/point-of-purchase/how-point-of-purchase-displays-influence-customers

What you really want to work to make customers feel is what is called ‘immediate emotion’.

You see, it isn’t all about how attractive, well-tested or designed by a particular company or person. Such is not the truth. Feelings are more important than everything else when considering crafting an amazing product. Just think about drones.  These toys make people feel happy and excited to control something and being able to fly it around wherever they would like. So one could deduce that drones evoke the feeling of freedom.

flying a drone
Source: http://www.frogdesign.com/sites/default/files/services-hero-product-service-design.jpg

The bottom line is that products that can connect with consumers on an emotional level are bound to outsell and outshine other products in the market. Making products that people love comes down to creating something that makes your consumers feel something. Attraction takes the backseat to something that elicits a strong emotional response. Knowing how to play on positive emotions is the key making your product sell!


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